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Simshine Baby 2

Minimize worry
Maximize joy

Ultra Secure Smart Monitor

with AI-based technologies and local storage to let you spend less time worrying and more time enjoy every moment with your little one.

Crystal-clear 2K camera

Allows you to keep an eye on your little one from anywhere through live video and audio.

All-in-one Smartphone App

Access live video, breathing and sleep patterns from your baby in real-time.

What Moms and Dads Say

  • Great Little Gadget!

    I love the fact that I can be anywhere and I can see my baby. It takes pictures of your child and you can also record and take pictures from your phone.

    The night vision is super clear, overall the camera is top notch. I have it setup on my phone to let me know notifications, so if my baby is crying or moving or whatever the case may be it will send a notification to my phone.

    Kristin M

  • Must have item for small kids

    This allayed my anxiety over sleep training so much. I love being able to share an account with my spouse and both sets of grandparents.

    It's very easy to setup. It took me like 5 minutes. If your baby is crying it will turn on a light that鈥檚 on the monitor and play music to get the baby to stop crying.

    Video and sound quality are great.

    Danielle J

  • TOP of the Line!!!

    Exceptional Quality, Works Flawlessly!!! We are Loving this Camera and Monitor Set up!!!

    Amazingly clear image and love that we can focus in so closely without disturbing baby's sleep!!

    So sweet to listen and be able to talk!! Night Vision is also very clear!!! Easy set up and immediate results!! So many uses!! Thank you!!!

    Anna Linares

  • Best Purchase

    It's amazing and we love it! Its everything we were looking for in a baby monitor.

    It blew away my husband expectations. My son loves that we can talk to him through it. It lets him know we are still there.

    Sami Graves

  • High quality picture

    We have a little baby and need to be around all the time. With this baby monitor we could go in the garden without being worried. It has a good picture quality even at night. When the baby is crying a calm, soothing music starts to sing.

    Amanda Z

  • Highly Recommend

    I got this baby monitor for my daughter and her baby. She really loves it.

    The image quality is really great and the fact that they can detect baby crying and play music automatically when you are not beside the crib.

    I would definitely recommend this product.

    Mary Ann